2018 Jeep Wrangler Prototype

2018 Jeep Wrangler Prototype

Just released video is this Jeep Wrangler Prototype testing out the frame and running gear for the new generation Jeep Wrangler due 2018?
Spied by Fast Lane Cars in the high country – did they really just happen to be there cruising around, or?
Doesnt really matter as what they have come up with is really interesting as Jeep are at the stage where they do need a new generation Wrangler to keep their market share from doing the downward slide.

I recently did posts on what may well be the future Jeep Wrangler Pickup, something Jeep badly need,  and also posts on 2 of its 2016 concept pickup trucks,  the Jeep Crew Chief and the Jeep Comanche.

From Jeeps point of view this is a great opportunity to upgrade the Wrangler platform so any or all of these concepts arrive as totally new vehicles, rather than a new body on an older platform.
It appears from this video they have put an existing Wrangler body onto the new platform setup possibly with a diesel engine and are doing their road tests to see how the chassis and running gear is checking out.
Naturally they want to remain as inconspicuous as possible which could explain the extra-large fuel tank so they could avoid gas stations.
It is good to see they are keeping with a separate chassis frame, rather than going to unit construction as was a rumour.
I did think independent front suspension may have been a possibility, but seems not and I guess this will keep the serious rougher the better off-roaders happy.

Hopefully before too long we may get sight of what the new Wrangler  body will look like.
Probably it will be less like a brick and a bit more aerodynamic but I don’t think Jeep will move too far from its current shape.  This shape after-all does spell JEEP and is its trade-mark as king of the mountain.

Here is a glimpse of what the future Wrangler may have in store.

Special thanks to The Fast Lane Cars.com guys, photos are screen prints from the video.