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Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk Review

Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk

With its supercharged 707hp engine and 643 ft.lbs of torque the 2018 Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk has certainly raised some eyebrows when recently released, especially as it is also classed to tow a decent load as well.
With acceleration like 3.5 seconds 0 to 60 mph it needs All Wheel Drive to get that power onto the road without doing a spectacular ‘all crossed up’  exhibition.
Mind you the supercharger howl does give this Jeep away as being different, but then you would have to get close enough to it to hear the different noise, and that just may be ratheer difficult!

The first video is a road review and as you will see in the later part the Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk has sure got some grunt aided by a fast changing transmission, and I am wondering if this wont start a SUV horse power race.
This is what happened in the 1950″s -60’s when Chrysler brought out their Hemi V8, and went onto almost a full out horse power race between GM, Ford and Chrysler and birth of the Muscle Car.

The second video shows a Trackhawk trailering another Jeep, and almost behaving like it wasnt towing anything at all.

Just listen to this Jeep howl, the video is just 6 days old when this post published.

Thankyou to Sinister Life for this video,  all photos are video screen shots.

The Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk is rated to tow 7200lbs, and the FastLaneCar guys were lucky to spy this one, and then find it again to get some good video footage.
The Jeep being towed is sitting on a hefty sort of trailer so I am picking the all up weight would be getting upwards to its specified towing limit.
When the driver decides to hoof it the acceleration was still surprisingly brisk in spite of the load, and would make a lot other SUV owners take notice.

When it comes to towing nothing beats horse power, torque and good gear ratios.

Thanks again t the FastLaneCar team for getting this onto video.