2017 Jeep Cherokee SRT

2017 Jeep Cherokee SRT

Talk about muscle cars, well how about muscle SUV’s like this 2017 Jeep Cherokee SRT.
Powered by a 6.4L Hemi V8, 475 hp,  8 speed auto,  0 to 60 mph in 4.8 seconds and top speed of 160 mph.
That is getting right up there with the big muscle brigade, but just in case it has the right exhaust noise as well to let everyone know this is a truly a hot V8.
The only hotter Cherokee would be this one.    You can compare it with the standard Grand Cherokee here.

There are two videos below, first is a top notch review – typical high quality from Mikes Car Info –  of all the features of the 2017 Jeep Cherokee SRT, while the second one includes a road run.
You will be impressed by the smoothness and quick shifting of the 8 speed auto even when the pedal is on the metal.

The Jeep Cherokee SRT is certainly well spec’d and I was very impressed with the standard and comfort of the upholstery, with the leather with suede theme continued right throughout the Jeep.  The leather and suede is available in two colors – black or sepia, while the Laguna package is a choice of red or black.
As well as being described as super comfortable, the front seats also have 4 way lumbar support.

In diamond black with matching wheels this Jeep is absolutely stunning.

Big thanks to MikesCarInfo for his usual high standard description and review.
Photo are screen shots from the video.

A Road Test is included in this video and I reckon I can say this would be one very comfortable Jeep to go on a long trip in.
There is a multitude of information available to you not only on the touch screen but on the rev counter as well, such as digital display of mph, mpg, engine horsepower and torque.
The touch screen will display virtually whatever you can think of, and it would be easy to lose an hour or two going through the information and settings available.

Special thanks to Saabkyle04 for this video and his review.

Expensive?  Yes but when you compare the  spec’s with the likes of the BMW equivalent the MX5 the price is actually very competitive.