6WD Jeep Wrangler

6WD Jeep Wrangler

This 6WD Jeep Wrangler is a real beast, even more so when you look at the engine and the fact all 6 wheels are actually driven.
I have always been interested in tandem axle pickups. A few years back I had a 1 ton pickup with an extended deck and was fitted with tandem axles, the extra axle was a lazy one behind the original.
Was amazing how well it handled, felt pretty much like it was stuck to the road and a mighty very stable tow wagon, which was the reason why I bought it.
Did have to watch where you drove it though and not go over sharpish humps that could see the drive wheels lifted clear of the road by the lazy axle.

Wild Boar have set this 6WD Jeep Wrangler up very nicely with their accessories, and while the Wrangler has a great reputation as a go anywhere 4×4,  this one could be expected to be almost unstoppable.  Hopefully before too long there might an action video of it doing what it is good at so I can post it here.
There is a lot of news coming from Jeep this year with several new models likely, including a Wrangler Pickup.

Wild Boar give a very interesting commentary on the specs of this Wrangler, have a listen.

Special thanks to MixFlip for this video. Photos are the video screen shots.

Below is another video and review on a similar 6WD Jeep Wrangle, click on either the 2 or NEXT button below to watch.