2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel

Dont often come across a Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel review.
The Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel, and other Jeep models have been available in Europe and other countries for many years with a 2.8L 4 cylinder engine,  however in the USA the Grand Cherokee with the 3.0L Eco Diesel option didnt come available until 2013.
In the USA during 2014 the Grand Cherokee Diesel option sales were 8% and no doubt Jeep will be wanting this percentage to increase if the diesel option is to continue.
With a recorded 30mpg highway cruising the diesel certainly has a fuel economy advantage while the downside is a diesel is more expensive to maintain short-term but will win hands down long-term provided recommended maintenance is kept up to date.

It is pointless buying a diesel if your annual mileage is low, I calculated to be on the right side of the ledger dollar wise you need to travel 14,000 miles per year or more – or – if doing less than this are consistently hauling heavy loads.
This maintenance isn’t over the top, is mostly regular but more frequent oil changes along with oil, fuel and air filter changes at the stated mileage,  keep this up and getting a million trouble free miles isn’t uncommon.  I know two guys who have diesel SUV’s in the million mile club and while the engines are getting a bit rattly as you would expect, both are still going strong.
I have owned 2 heavy diesel powered SUV’s to tow my rather large boat and wouldn’t ever consider going back to a SUV with a gas engine returning 6 to 8 mpg,  or less with a head wind.

Anyway back to the review, this 3L 6 cylinder diesel puts out 240 hp, 420 ft lbs torque, has 8 speed auto along with an automatic 4WD system with the selectable traction control.
This is the Overland Grand Cherokee so also has the height adjustable air suspension.
TFL Cars take the Jeep off road to Gold Mine Hill which is a respected off-road track with mud, rocks and snow, so how does the Jeep perform.
I’ll say quite good considering it was shod with highway type tires.  This is what I don’t understand, why standard road tires?
I don’t think anyone even with a lesser amount of experience would tackle this type of country without a set of tires on the vehicle more suited to the terrain.
I acknowledge TFL Cars were doing this test with a vehicle as supplied by Jeep, so it seems there has been a lack of communication as to the expected conditions.
It was however a good test for the automatic 4WD system and the “dial the road condition” control.  Was interesting  but I can’t help wondering how drivers will get on if any of this technology decides to go AWOL and what the repair bill could be.

I have couple more Cherokee Diesel reviews coming up, one is extreme towing and other a detailed static and road run review, keep a lookout or join our newsletter.

Are we relying too much on technology for safe driving? What do you think?

Special thanks to FTL Cars, Photos are screen shots from the video.

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