Jeep vs Chevy ZR2

Jeep vs Chevy ZR2

How good is it?  Lets see in this video of Jeep vs Chevy ZR2 on a toughest of all rocky off-road road test.
This certainly showed up in both vehicles the advantages of having fitted the tires, wheels and shock absorbers to suit the job in hand, plus in the case of the Chevy Colorado ZR2,  having locking diffs.
Not a cheap option at several thousand dollars extra, but if you want to do the job you must have the right gear.

In a previous post on my other website I wondered if Chevy are keen to be better recognised as a serious off-road performer and steal some of Jeeps thunder.
In this particular comparison they managed to do this, but I think the Jeep team put up the wrong model Jeep for the FTL guys to drive, or was it they simply under estimated the off road ability of the Chevy ZR2 Colorado ?

For starters the Chevy is long wheelbase, the Jeep was short.  In this type of terrain long wheelbase is much better as it less likely to cause a vehicle to ‘hop’ especially in the steeper rough bits. In spite of the miss match the Jeep did very well.
The Chevy’s diffs all locked,  the Jeep ones didnt and that was a major letdown for the Jeep.
I would like to see another  comparison done using a long wheelbase Wrangler with same diff options and whatever else so both vehicles are pretty much the same as far as the manufacturers options are concerned.
Better still if one could be done with the due to be released about now Jeep Wrangler Pickup this would surely be a test of some interest.
I have been keeping a lookout but haven’t come across any actual road review as yet.  Hopefully soon when they come on sale.

Which one would your choice be?

Thanks to the Fast Lane Truck guys for this. Photos are screen shots from the video.