Willys Overland Workhorses of Industry

Willys Overland Workhorses of Industry

Here is a selection of vintage year movies feature of the Willys Overland Workhorses of Industry,  filmed as advertizements for the Willys Jeep illustrating just how versatile this vehicle is.
Born during WW2 with hundreds of thousands being deployed in many countries throughout the world, the reputation of the Jeep certainly ensured Willys would have a ready-made market for the Jeep by developing it further for civilian by utilizing the experience they had gained during the war years.

As you will see in this video Willys certainly used their imagination in the number of tasks the Jeep could be put to,  especially with the power-take-off {PTO} and the hydraulic operated equipment linkages.
These 2 options would convert a Jeep into the equivalent of a light tractor and enable it to do all sorts of duties, such as:

  • Snow plough
  • Sickle bar mower
  • Gang mowers
  • Agriculture spraying
  • Ploughing
  • Trench digging
  • Tow truck

Plus many more tasks the Jeep could be adapted to with a bit of ingenuity and some engineering skills.

As a 4×4 Willys also built the Jeep Station Wagon, Panel Delivery and a Pickup Truck.  The Station Wagon was the first civilian vehicle of this type available with four wheel drive and was a popular dual purpose wagon, or SUV as we now call them.
Next came their two wheel drive versions of the Station Wagon, Panel Delivery and Pickup Truck marketed as medium size business vehicles that were economical to drive and maintain.
Included in the 2 WD lineup was the Jeepster, a 2 door cabriolet  convertible type body sharing the same drive train and independent front suspension chassis, produced from 1948 to 1950.
Searching for information on the 2WD that I didn’t already know I couldn’t find anything except Google Search showing a couple of Parts Suppliers who have used parts for sale.

Special thanks to MidwestJeepWillys.com for this video,  the photo is a screen shot from the video.
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