Willys on Jeep Chassis

Willys on Jeep Chassis

Now here is a good recipe.  Take a late-model Jeep Wrangler with a damaged body,  and a Willys Overland Jeep with a good body, match the two up and here it is, a Willys on Jeep Chassis.
A novel way to have a retro ’50’s style body on modern running gear, plus enjoy [??] the fun, challenge and hassles that will go with the job.
But at the end of the project you will have a vehicle that is quite unique and very roadworthy.

This is what Fred and his team from Dirt Everyday did and it is real interesting to watch what he has done, and how he has gone about it.
If any reader has ideas of doing the same this is a great way of finding out exactly what is involved, plus what you will need in way of tools and materials to complete the job.

Modifying older vehicles especially Jeeps and pickup trucks is certainly not new and many have been turned into first class touring machines.
Good bodies are getting more scarce but scouting around and talking to other enthusiasts will generally lead to a particular part or body panel you are missing, the advert on this page may be off help, you will never know until you ask.
If you go back through other Dirt Everyday posts in particular on this website Fred shows up several Jeep wrecking yards, some appear absolutely loaded with parts, then it becomes the question of their asking price if it compares to what you consider the part is worth.
A good way of getting around this if you have the space is to buy a whole vehicle with still in good condition the parts you need, then after sell off what you don’t need.

Watch this video to see how the guys did the transformation.

Thanks to Fred and DirtEveryday for this how to video. Photos are video screen shots.