Willys Jeepster Hot Rod

Willys Jeepster Hot Rod

Here is something different for this post, first is a Willys Jeepster hot rod in the making,  see the bottom video for details on this.
The top video is a restored Jeepster sports, and what a little honey of a car it is too.
In fact they both are, but the Willys Jeepster Hot Rod is the one that will have all the grunt and put out the noise to make it a ‘look at me’ vehicle, while its cousin will just go quietly about its business and attract more than its share of interest.  Regardless you can guarantee the owners will have an immense amount of fun.

Production of the Willys Jeepster went from 1948 to 1950, making around 20,000 all up over that time.
The 1948 price at $1765 was quite expensive when for about the same money you could buy a Ford Super Deluxe convertible , which had a V8 engine compared to the Willys 4 cylinder 134 cubic inch. Power was moderate at 63 hp, and had a 3 speed gearbox with overdrive that engaged on all gears.

It was rear wheel drive only, the front suspension being independent by using a transverse leaf spring.
Apart from this the running gear, steering and brakes were same as used in the Willys Station Wagon.   The flat top rear fenders were those as used on the Willys truck and these blended nicely into the Willys Jeepster’s body design.

In 1949 the price was dropped to $1495, with some items that were previously standard equipment were dropped and became extras.
1950 saw the introduction of the V shaped grill, the two videos show the difference in the grill styles. In same year the 161 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine was introduced and was available as an extra in the Jeepster.

Watch this video, come for a drive

Thank you to My Rod.com, and Wikipedia.

See this Jeepster Hot Rod being created, is an interesting project.

Thanks to Jeep Truck .com.  Photos are video screen shots.