1940 Willys Cabover

1940 Willys Cabover

While not really a Jeep category, but this 1940 Willys Cabover series of videos I came across is so interesting I have to share it.
Any viewers considering doing their own panel work on a project could learn heaps here.

Watch as Chris Boggess takes a pre-war Willys sedan and a 1992 Dodge extended cab pickup and builds them into this fabulous Willys Cabover truck.
The Dodge had the long wheelbase frame he needed and about the only other parts he used was some of the pickup bed.
He buys an armoured car that has a good  Cummins diesel with turbo and intercooler and an Allison transmission and fits this unit in place of the Dodge.
A wise choice as this Willys Cabover will be used as the tractor unit to tow his mobile home.
If you prefer something smaller  or prefer to go bush then this may be more suitable.

There is a lot to be learnt as he shows how the cab is widened 3″, and the front fenders both widened and lengthened 2″ each way.
All 4 doors were reshaped to suit, then there were the especially fabricated rear guards both inner and outer, the hood, front,  engine dog box and lots more.
Numerous templates were made to the shape the new panels and then it is all put together.

It is obvious as you watch these videos that Chris has access to a well equipped workshop with all the tools essential for shaping panel parts, and you will also see some home made tools for specific tasks.
Some are simple enough to make like the tool for making a countersunk recess in a panel so screws fit flush with the surface.

This is a series of several short videos of mostly 6 and 7 minutes each so I will split them up into 2 separate posts, there are 7 videos in this post and the rest will be in the next post in a week or so.

Having the right tools is essential for a job like this, plus some are home made.

Special thanks to Chris Boggess for these videos. All photos are video screen shots.

Part 2  Trial fit by sitting the Willys cab onto the frame

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