Modified Jeep Wrangler

Modified Jeep Wrangler 2015

Any Modified Jeep that commands a description as awesome will always attract attention, and be the pride and joy of its owner.
In fact the Jeep Wrangler would have to be the most popular 4×4 Jeep ever to be modified, and there are a multitude of companies specializing in this niche market, plus what is available from Jeep itself.
In actual fact there is such a range available it must be hard deciding what do I really need, and how much do I buy and fit.

This modified Jeep Wrangler  is no exception.  It is very nicely kited out by its proud owner, and sounds like there are more mods to come.
Visually noticeable are the range of lights in the front, these would surely turn night into day on any trail in front of the Jeep, and an essential addition for safer night time off roading.
First off though can’t mistake not seeing those seriously big tires.  You will appreciate the size when you see the two guys standing beside the tail gate mounted spare, it takes up a serious amount of space.

When it comes to deciding what or which tires should I fit, this does require a fair amount of serious research and study as the wrong choice could turn a pleasant vehicle to drive into a disaster waiting to happen.  Here are some tips on tire selection, but do talk to a trusted tire supplier on what you expect the tire to do, and the type of performance you need.
remember at the end of the day it will always be a compromise especially if the tires will be used for both hi-way use, and off roading.  It may be better to have 2 sets of wheels with different tires on each.
I had a Landcruiser wagon for a few years and one set of tires I had fitted were bad news.  They looked the part and were recommended for the type of driving I did.  Biggest majority was hi-way with lots of hills and twists, and small amount off road mostly in sand and farm use.  The tires were mighty when the roads were dry but add a bit of water and were real skittery and seemed were just wanting to break loose all the time.  Possibly the rubber compound was too hard and I replaced them long before they were even half worn as they had turned a vehicle that was always quite nice to drive into an absolute pain when road was wet.

Special thanks to TrailRecon for this review. Photos are video screen takes.