Modified Jeep Wrangler

Modified Jeep Wrangler

For a change of scenery lets have a look at this Modified Jeep Wrangler, in Australia.
Jeeps are very popular there too, and this video shows what an Aussie modified Jeep Wrangler will have to set it up for “Jeeping” the outback areas.

Reliability is number one priority and I guess for this reason the Jeep here is diesel powered.  Smaller sized domestic diesel powered vehicles are not that popular in Australia due to the price of diesel compared to gasoline.
Western Australia has a huge outback area and it is well known that in cases of breakdowns. being stuck or stranded it has a policy of take no prisoners, so travelling off and away from the formed road requires careful planning and a super reliable vehicle properly setup to cope with the various types of terrain it will need to cope with.
You also need to allow for weather conditions that can change quite quickly, turning outback tracks into muddy bogs and rivers into torrents making fords impassable.
Also essential is to have enough provisions, especially water, for an extended stay outside of civilisation in case of being stranded.

Australia has many suppliers specializing in 4 wheel drive aftermarket equipment much the same as USA has, and from what I have noticed the most popular vehicles are Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, and lets not forget Landrover.  Last time I was in Australia about 17 years ago  Landrovers and Range Rovers  seemed popular but not so sure this still applies in 2018.
Like the USA it has many areas that is of interest and challenging to off – road enthusiasts, and for those who have drones with a video camera some entertaining footage can be captured.

Time for some Aussie scenery,  and their Jeep set-up.

Thanks to Ronny Dahl for this review.  Photos are  video screen takes.