Junkyard Jeep

Junkyard Jeep

Now here is an interesting fun project, build a junkyard jeep.  In other words beg, borrow, steal or buy enough parts from junked Jeeps and build yourself a fun machine.
If you liked my previous post you might just find what you need for that project too.
Scout around as most country towns and cities especially will have junk yards with Jeeps of all descriptions in them.

This video is quite entertaining but I think they got their film sequences wrong.
Who in their right mind would negotiate a price for the Jeep,  strip off all the good stuff the owner wanted to keep, then set about trying to start it to establish if it was a runner or not?
A small point that a producer can easily overlook, and I don’t think anyone really believes that any article like this one is impromptu.  There would be quite a bit of preparation , filming and editing to get the film up to a standard that is informative, and be interesting enough to hold the viewers interest from start to finish.

However putting that to one side it is good to see the guys having fun in their junkyard Jeep without having to spend too many more dollars in addition to the purchase price.  New wheels and tires would be the biggest expense.
They were wise to go for one with the 4 litre straight 6 engine.  Its fuel economy wouldn’t break any records but it had adequate power and torque even at low revs making it a good off road choice,  and was virtually unbreakable.

I have other posts featuring the  Dirt Every Day guys rescuing junkyard Jeeps and giving them a new lease on life.
In fact many 4×4’s are now increasing quite markedly in value, especially if they are in good original condition, like this one.  Well worth looking after, especially one like this Lamborghini desert rat.

Enjoy this video and see Dirt Every Day team in Action

Thanks to Dirt Every Day for another interesting video. Photos are from the video.