Jeep SRT 2017 vs 2016 Model Compare

Jeep SRT 2017 vs 2016 Comparison

What is new with the Jeep SRT 2017 vs 2016 model compare? Check out this video and see the changes.
Comparison between similar vehicles is always interesting, and it has become virtually a tradition that each year most major car and domestic type vehicle manufacturers will make changes and improvements to the current model before releasing it as the new model for the coming year.
This applies particularly to cars, SUV’s and pick-up trucks and makes a lot of sense as it allows the manufacturer to make both subtle and more noticeable changes to the vehicle, plus fix any problems that may have appeared.

Over the past decades vehicles have become a much more complex  piece of machinery and there is just so much that can go wrong.
In spite of rigorous testing before going into production you can almost certainly guarantee issues will arise as time goes on.
Yuu may not agree with me but I believe it is better to buy a new model once it has been on the market for at least a year, wait to give the manufacturers time to sort out any bugs that are going to appear.

In the past I have bought two new models soon as they were released, and both caused me problems in areas I didn’t expect.
Like rust appearing with in a few months due to poor paint coverage, ABS failure,  air con pump fail, steering rack problem, electrical connections – items one would expect to be reliable going on past performance.
My Jeep, a Grand Cherokee is getting a bit long in the tooth now, has well over a 100,000 hard miles up and is the last of that model before the next all new release.
Apart from normal maintenance the only repairs have been a new ignition lock, an ignition sensor and a brake hose.  While I would now like to get a more modern SUV am reluctant to do so as the Jeep still goes so well.  Perhaps next year.

Models change, sometimes very subtly as is demonstrated in this video.

Special thank you to Landry Automobiles Ltée for this video.  Photos are screen shots.

Lets see how the Jeep SRT compares performance wise with its main rivals.

Thank you to Autopas3roh for arranging this video.

Interesting shoot out between to Jeep SRT8 and three of its competitors.
It is an out and out performance comparison with acceleration times ranging from 100kph up to 250kph, so that’s really low flying for a SUV which arent overly good aerodynamically.
To be fair to all vehicles I would thought the tests would have all been done on the same stretch of road, and include a price comparison.