Jeep Only Club

Jeep Only Club

Want to go off-roading but have never driven your Jeep in the rough, then joining the likes of a Jeep Only Club makes a lot of sense.
It is a great way to learn the basics of rough terrain driving, the best way to successfully tackle steep inclines and declines, mud, water, rocks and loose sand.

This video is a beginners only class and it is taken to show how they teach the drivers the correct technique of how best to control their Jeep, gear selection and how to keep it moving.
It would be fair to say most of us at some stage found that while it is easy to get into trouble, the exact opposite mostly applies when it come to trying to get out of it, especially if it’s a situation you haven’t been in before.
Often it is also simply that tiny bit of missing knowledge or experience would have prevented getting into, or got you out of,  the problem.

If off-roading is what you would like to do, check around for a club you could join where you can get the experience and knowledge you need without compromising your or your passengers safety.
It is a great way to learn from more experienced members and to enjoy the comradeship that usually goes with belonging to clubs such as these.

Recreational off-roading is certainly a growing activity world wide.  High speed dune bashing has been popular for many years, so much so it resulted in the manufacture of some fast
 high powered 4×4  vehicles.  Mud is always an attraction especially for spectators,  and if you are feeling super bullet proof what about having a go at steep rocks?

All nice and clean lined up here, but that soon changes. Enjoy the video.

Special thank you to Jeeptology for putting this video together. Photos are video screen shots.