2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review

If you are looking at buying, or interested in the latest Jeep Grand Cherokee, the this video the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review  is a must watch as it is a full in-depth review of the models  Summit, Overland, Limited, Trailhawk, Altitude & Laredo.  It is a great opportunity to not only see the differences between each model in your own time, but also pricing information for these models plus equipment options with pricing.
Well worth taking the 30 minutes to watch and compare what these models offer.

I was particularly impressed with the interior, it appears from comments by the reviewer it is right up there with the higher priced considered luxury SUV’s in both quality and specification.
There is a mine of information available to select on the speedometer screen,  and the touch screen.  I can see many an owner spending time just playing with these to find out just really what information is available.

Jeep certainly are putting up heaps of model variations,  not just the Grand Cherokee range which includes its road rocket the Trackhawk, but also the new Wrangler and the equally long list of the Wrangler model variations that are available.
In addition to these two model ranges there are rumours about the bigger model Jeep Wagoneer name from earlier days being reintroduced to compete head on with the Cadillac Escapade and others.
Plus lets not forget the smaller model Jeeps either, there is the standard Cherokee, the Compass and the Renegade,  all with their own selection of models and specification options.

When Chrysler took over American Motors Corporation it acquired Jeep well as the other makes of cars that made up AMC, and we have to hand it to Chrysler, or Fiat Chrysler as it now is known, to have certainly got in behind the Jeep brand and built it into a successful legend.  Sure over this time they have had their issues, but so have most other auto manufacturers, I guess it is a sign of the times as cars become more complex.
Murphy it seems is always ready to strike usually at a time when you think you have now got it right.

Let your fingers do the work, watch this video comprehensive review.

Thank you to Car Communications for this review.  Photos are screen shots from the video.