Fab Fours Legend Jeep

Fab Fours Legend Jeep

This Fab Fours Legend Jeep is certainly a head turner and from all accounts a whole lot of fun to drive in spite of those massive  5×38 wheels and tires.
And as you would expect its pretty good off road too as Jay showed with his off road drive up into the hills.

What started off as a standard Jeep, the Fab Fours guys got to work on it and turned it into something totally different, and a real show piece for their company.
Powered by a standard Jeep 6 pack with no mufflers, auto transmission with original drive train so future maintenance should not be a problem.
The gear ratio would of course have to be changed due to the much larger tires and I presume they would have done this at the transfer box, much easier and cheaper than having to find suitable crown wheels and pinions for 2 diffs.
The front suspension is well worth pausing the video and having a good look at what they have done here,  and the steering.
With feet this big I would have thought the Jeep would be very suspectable to steering wobble but I couldn’t see any sign of a steering shock absorber, and as it runs very nicely at 70mph it must be fine in this department.  It would need to be with such a small diameter steering wheel.

The body would have been a challenge especially in doing a 4 inch roof chop.  It is strictly a good visibility daytime only vehicle due to the tinted windows, is definitely a case of gotta be home before dark because I wont be able to see once the sun goes down.
What looks like a very nice respectable job is actually a wrap, with a brush finish
When shown at SEMA the beast attracted a constant stream of lookers and did what it was intended to be – a show piece for Fab Fours.
Going by the conversation with Jay in the video Fab Fours Legend will if you like build you one of these, but with clear glass to see through.

Come for a spin, think of the fun you could have!

Special thanks to Jay Leno’s Garage for this video. Photos are screen shots.