Jeep Autobiography

Jeep Autobiography

If a Jeep could talk is this Jeep Autobiography video what he would say?
Here is a Jeep telling its own story with an interesting twist on how the Jeep came about, its development and all the friends it made along the way.

The original Jeep as it is known was designed by the American Bantam Car Company – formally American Austin.  It is unfortunate Bantam didn’t have the facilities to make these in the numbers the Military required, so the Military gave the Bantam designs to Willys Overland, who together with Ford manufactured the Jeeps in the numbers the Military required.
Bantam didn’t miss out as they got the contract making trailers for the Jeep.

Who would have thought at the time tests and evaluations were being carried out that this small very basic vehicle would go on to be the most versatile and loved vehicle that  has ever been manufactured.
It was a soldiers best friend because it was capable of doing just about anything asked of it, and it is no surprise that as the US Military was withdrawing at the end of the war from the many islands and countries they were stationed at, the universal cry was ‘Yankee you can go home but leave your Jeep behind’

Then after the war it became the #1 asset of so many different occupations, farmers, construction, exploration, you name it and chances are you would find a Jeep there doing all sorts of jobs including mowing grass and ploughing fields.  Being light in weight and with a 60hp engine it was quite a peppy little beast, and with the option of a power- take-off markedly increased the number of tasks if could do.
It also instigated the start of the ever popular SUV  as we know it today.
As a bonus while watching this video I couldn’t help drooling over the early 1940’s cars that appeared.  If you are interested in classic and custom cars I have lots to show you here.

You need to see some of the things I had to do, pity on my poor passengers.

Special thanks toJeff Quitney for telling my story.