Is A Jeep Rubicon Worth $11K More

Is A Jeep Rubicon Worth $11K More

If you are looking at buying a Jeep Wrangler is the Jeep Rubicon worth $11K more than a Jeep Sport, which basically appears to be much the same vehicle?
Watch this video to see what the differences are, as this will certainly help you decide and understand where at least some of the extra cost comes from.

Buying a Jeep Wrangler and sorting which model you want can be a somewhat daunting exercise, as there are just so many models, body styles and extras available it can be a real mission studying what is available, and what extras you would like to go with it.
There is not just the factory extras to consider but many independent firms produce a mammoth range as well, some even with their owreplacement bodies so you can turn the Wrangler into virtually whatever you want, including even a pickup truck.

Speaking of a Wrangler Pickup I had expected to see this released back in January or February, now it all seems to have gone quiet.  However news is it is still on track to be released during 2017, and will be called the Wrangler  Scrambler.

My previous post will be a worthwhile help here as it goes to some length discussing the various models,  how they differ from one another not just in appearance and body style but performance on and off road, and which conditions they excel in.
So having decided yes I’ll spend the extra $11,000 and get the Rubicon, this could be just a starting point and quickly fade into oblivion if you start adding a pile of accessories to the cost

Here is an article on tires and is a very useful guide if you are looking at upgrading tires, and possibly the need to get new wheels to suit the tires as well.
Sure you could sell the original set, but keeping them makes sense  as they make be useful or even essential when it comes to selling the Rubicon.

See what the extra $11K for the Rubicon model actually buys you.

Thanks to The Fast Lane Car for this helpful video.  Photos are video screen shots