Barbie Jeep Racing

Barbie Jeep Racing

Something different this week and looks like lots fun is this Barbie Jeep Racing, with lots of spectator appeal going by the enthusiasm of the crowd.
I dont know what speed they would get up to on this steep downhill obstacle run but looking at what happens when they can-off they are not exactly going slow.
The oldest video I could find was 8 years ago, and I gather from comments this type of racing went out of favour for a few years in between, but is now back again.

Going by the crowd in this video anyway,  the popularity increases as the more tanked up the spectators become, and I guess the drivers too as this would lessen the pain when they can-off.  It is fair to say both canning off and pain are going to happen,  guaranteed.
But it sure looks like fun and while the drivers don’t look at all like Barbie there are a few girls amongst the spectators who would get a nod of approval.

Reminds me of days long gone when as kids most of us would have had a kart made from a soap box, 3 pieces of short wood planks , a short rope for steering, some screws, bolts and nuts, 2 axles and 4 wheels.
It was then a case of find the nearest hill, the longer and steeper the better, and we were in business.
The one with the fastest cart was the guy who managed to either buy, beg or steal the best set of wheels, preferably 6 inches to 10 inches diameter with rubber tires.  Often this meant there would be a surplus of baby strollers in the area all minus their wheels.  Funny situation that one.
So really what has changed?  The kart here has become styled on a Jeep, it has ‘proper steering’ not that that seems to help, and the 7 to 12 year old kids are now around 16 to 30.

This is a mild tumble, wait until you see some of the other crashes!

Special thanks to Awesome Documentary for filming this, photos are video screen shots.