2018 Wrangler Offroad Review

2018 Wrangler Offroad Review

When it comes to tackling extreme off road conditions the Jeep Wrangler has always been up there with the best, many will say it is the best especially in its class.
Now lets see how good is the 2018 Wrangler Offroad. This review by the Fast Lane guys put the latest Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon through its paces to see if it still lives up to its reputation.
Released on December 6 this review is pretty much as fresh as you can get

Jeeps have been called unstoppable virtually since their introduction during WWII and have lived up to this reputation ever since.
Some of my earlier posts focus on feats the Jeep had to perform, like this task needing it to be driven submerged under water. Gas engine too, no diesel here.

In this 2018 Wrangler Offroad review, and in my previous post featuring an interview with the Wranglers designer you will see there are many changes , and i guess over time there will be many more to follow

Clawing over loose rocks certainly isn’t easy, does the Jeep make the grade?

Special thanks as always to the Fast Lane Cars guys.  Photos are video shots.


Below is an extra video from the Fast Lane Cars as their guys sit down and discuss in some detail all about the 2018 Jeep Wrangler plus what we can expect to have coming up in the near future.

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Interesting chit chat as the guys discuss whats what coming for the Wrangler.

Thanks again to Fast Lane Cars for this news