2017 Jeep Cherokee Extreme Offroad

2017 Jeep Cherokee Extreme Offroad

This just released video of the 2017 Jeep Cherokee Extreme Offroad review and test.
In this video the Auto Show team really put these Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk’s through a tough as it gets trail that really check the Jeeps offroad capabilities to the limit.

Tests of this sort are usually reserved for the Jeep Wrangler series.  The Jeep Grand Cherokee is not usually looked upon as being a serious into the rough type off-roader,  so it is pleasing to see if you want to do this with a new 2017 Jeep it is more than capable of proving it is a ‘can do this’ especially in the Trailhawk model.
But if you want extreme on road performance then this Hellcat model may just be your answer!

If you have ever wondered how effective are the various terrain mode systems you now simply dial up and go, leaving it to the electronics to do its stuff,  then here is a good opportunity  to find out. Plus as a bonus there are also good descriptions  and explanations on how each of the various types of terrain mode system works, and what it is actually doing.
The Sand Mode was particularly interesting but I couldnt help thinking “those poor cameras, I hope they had good sand protection” because at times they were really getting a sand blasting as the Jeeps were scorching around doing their stuff in the sand.

There is no mention about tires in the video and looking at close up shots showing the tires it is probably safe to assume these are standard issue for the Trailhawk.
They certainly appear to perform well in the various terrain in this review.

A slip here would not do the Jeeps so far unmarked body any good,  or the drivers wallet.

A big thank you to Auto Show for making this review and video.  Photos are video screen shots